Upset You Only Lost 1 Pound of Fat?

11th January 2019

If You’ve Ever Been Upset That You ‘Only Lost a Pound’ You Need To Understand That Losing 1 Pound of Fat is a BIG DEAL!


One pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories. So if you were to eat around 350 calories more per day than your body uses, in just ten days, you’d gain one pound of fat.


If you kept putting on that amount of excess every day, you’d continue to gain weight until your body reached an equilibrium where the extra fat it’s maintaining burns the 350 extra calories. This simply means that you’d gain A Lot of Weight!



Lets Say, You Lose 350 Calories of Fat:

So if you were to lose around 350 calories of fat per day than your body uses, in just ten days, you’d lose one pound of fat!, kind of simple…right?


The danger for many people who are going through the weight loss process is that they don’t really understand what we’ve just covered here. They misunderstand the importance of the accumulative effect of losing ‘Just 1 Pound of Fat.’ And because of this, they can often ‘fall off the wagon’ and go back to their old lifestyle habits that got them fat in the first place.


So Congratulations for losing at least 1 pound of fat… You’re doing great, you’ve obviously made some positive lifestyle changes, and you need to appreciate what you’ve done so far… so go ahead and pat yourself on the back 🙂